About Us

Our Vision

Traceable Giving was created with a vision to understand and cater to the needs of the underprivileged and provide them with guidance, opportunity, and financial support so that they can turn their dreams into reality. Education is one of the fundamental rights and ironically, the world lags far behind when it comes to that. Our vision is to see a world where there is free flow of educational and health facilities; where every child is educated, healthy, and protected.


What We Do

Traceable Giving works towards securing the rights of every child that is deprived of the facilities, resources and opportunities to stand for themselves. Since 2015, we have dedicated our time researching in the remotest villages of the state of Maharashtra figuring out how to help the children complete their education. Due to familial and financial pressures, many of these children are pressured into working instead of studying; and the pressure is increased due to the poor infrastructure and lack of basic amenities to support education. Through its portal, Traceable Giving connects these children to Corporate Partners, NGOs and volunteers who wish to make a difference and support them. So far, we have supported 38schools across 37 remote villages, bringing a smile across more than 4000 faces.


Why Us

There are usually two roadblocks that stand in people’s way from successfully lending a helping hand – firstly, while having the financial strength to support a cause, they have a lack of knowledge in this field; secondly, while having the knowledge of the resources and access to the grass-root people who need the help and support, they lack financial strength.

Traceable Giving is a solution to both these roadblocks, providing opportunities to get involved in our mission – financially or manually. Corporate Partners can have confidence in us and trust that their money and efforts will reach the marginalized and those that lack adequate facilities to support themselves, especially with our proof of delivery system.


Our Delivery System

The beneficiary school dashboard has information related to all projects including student attendance records, exam grades and status of aid deliveries.

Every student, on the other hand, is given a 'Traceable Giving'card with a unique QR code that is scanned and uploaded along with a photograph of the student, every time he or she receives aid.

Vendors responsible for delivery of the aid are appointed after thorough due diligence, and the entire delivery process is maintained on a dashboard customised for selected vendors.

Donors also undergo a verification process - after which they are given access to a donor dashboard, and can choose between donating through registered vendors or giving aid based on specific requests from beneficiary schools.

The objective of this stringent and transparent process is simple – to ensure that 100% aid reaches the beneficiaries.

If there is a will, there is always a way. That’s how this story begins. Boundaries do not stop us from recognizing the remarkable challenges that many face around the world. Together we join hands and work towards our vision, which is to simply Traceable Giving with love.

Our Ambassadors

Our Corporate/NGO Partners

Partners are those who stay by your side. Thank you to our sponsors for their continuous support; We are lucky to be associated with you all.

Partner Schools

In our attempt to educate the world, we have found our schools always by our side. These schools constantly push against their boundaries to expand their limits of possibility. This is just the beginning of an endless journey that aims to help each school we connect with, through supporting each student. Through our portal, we connect with all students in each of the following schools.

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Take A Step Towards Us

Your actions can help ‘Traceable Giving Foundation’. Join us in providing our children with guidance, opportunity, and financial support so they can turn their dreams into reality.