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Underprivileged children in India are in need of help when it comes to education and health. On the bright side, there are numerous individuals and corporates who are keen to come forward to lend a helping hand. The children’s need and corporate partners' commitment have been the inspiration for us to create Traceable Giving Foundation – so that, together with corporate partners, charitable organisations, health professionals, volunteers and schools, we can bring about positive and lasting change.

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At the core of Traceable Giving Foundation initiative is a digital platform with a dedicated personalised interface for each participant in the aid process. Partners, schools, students and even vendors can log in and access information and updates about everything from donation requests to delivery schedules of aid. To ensure that aid reaches the desired beneficiary, the digital platform is supported by a simple, on-ground verification process.

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Your actions can help ‘Traceable Giving Foundation’. Join us in providing our children with guidance, opportunity, and financial support so they can turn their dreams into reality.