Shitaleshwar Vidhyalaya Sitewadi

Sitewadi, Junnar, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Description Of The Project

The E-Learning Classroom and Computer Lab project is designed to bridge the digital gap and improve educational access for disadvantaged schools. 
The project provides technical equipment, such as computers, projectors, Portronics Sound Bar, Podium and teacher training. 
With an IT classroom in each school, teachers and students can participate in interactive and multimedia-based learning activities, making learning more enjoyable and effective. 

Objective Of The Project

The main goal of the E-Learning Classroom and Computer Lab project is to establish a favourable environment for e-learning and enable schools to make the most of the digital tools and platforms at their disposal. 

The project supports teachers by giving them the necessary equipment’s’ to conduct interactive and technology-oriented lessons. 

By using technology, teachers can improve their teaching techniques, incorporate multimedia content, and create captivating learning experiences for students. This, in turn, enhances understanding, knowledge retention, and student involvement. 

For students, the opportunity develops vital digital literacy skills. It exposes them to new possibilities. The project aims to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in the digital era and prepare them for future academic and professional pursuits

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