Shri Samarth Madhukarrao Vidyalaya Chincholi

Chincholi, Junnar, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Description Of The Project

The E-Learning Classroom and Computer Lab project aims to address the digital divide and enhance educational opportunities for underprivileged schools.
The project focuses on providing technical hardware, including computers, projectors, printers, stabilizers, UPS, Portronics Sound Bar, Chair, and even teacher training.
By equipping each school with an IT classroom, teachers and students can engage in interactive and multimedia-rich educational activities, making learning more engaging and effective. 

Objective Of The Project

The primary objective of the E-Learning Classroom and Computer Lab project is to create a conducive environment for e-learning and enable schools to fully utilize the digital resources and platforms available to them.  

The project seeks to empower teachers by equipping them with the necessary tools to deliver interactive and technology-driven lessons. 

Through the use of technology, teachers can enhance their teaching methods, integrate multimedia content, and create engaging learning experiences for students. This, in turn, fosters better comprehension, knowledge retention, and student engagement.  

For students, the opportunity develops essential digital literacy skill. It makes them gain exposure. The project aims to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age and prepare them for future academic and professional endeavours.


E-learning Class Room And Computer Training Lab

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