Smart School - Road To Digitalization

Technology plays an integral role in determining the success of any type of organization and system. In order to ensure the efficiency in systems, we have created our online portal (in other words our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system) – allowing us to manage information, resources, and efficiently carry out our projects.As a result, we have created our system that aims for a 100% conversion rate from ‘money coming’ to ‘resources reaching students’. As a result, we have developed our ERP system in such a way that all data of students (including academic records, attendance, QR based ID card numbers), teachers, schools, donors, vendors, etc. are included. All the data is systematically captured and reports of projects/events can be extracted as per specific requirement. Once system is in place, everyone involved under the system can be assured of the best benefit for sponsors, donors and our students. Teachers can now login to know the prospective beneficial programmed of Traceable Giving and to manage their affairs in a better manner so that they can reach out to Foundation or sponsors to highlight certain issues and its resolutions thereof in a best possible manner. Apart from this, other participants such as volunteers and NGO can also login to the portal to know about their role, responsibility, performance and future assignments with respect to schools and their students. In addition to the ERP System, we have facilitated schools with Micro Websites. We at Traceable Giving Foundation have recognized the strong will power of schools, staff, and especially students, in ensuring that they work towards their education against all adverse conditions. By providing a Micro Website we wanted to provide these schools a platform for all their voices: so that they can tell the world all that they've achieved and how others can do the same. This Micro Website also calls to other potential corporations that would like to help connect with us to continue to help other schools grow and develop. In order to ensure effective use of resources and effective transition in this road to digitalization, Traceable Giving also provides Teachers with constant training and supervision. We aim to create a collaborative and interconnected environment for all schools, students, and teachers: ensuring that our students have access to better facilities in their education journey.
Smart School - Road to Digitalization - ERP System Integration 2019

Smart School - Road To Digitalization - Erp System Integration 2019

Smart School - Road to Digitalization - ERP System Integration 2018

Smart School - Road To Digitalization - Erp System Integration 2018

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