Science Labs And Library Construction

These school buildings usually only comprise of a few classrooms with only benches for students, a blackboard, and a desk for the teacher. Students’ educational development is halted with their lack of access to other facilities that can curate their learning in other fields such as the sciences, or in literature, or even the arts. As a result, we have partnered with our first school to construct a school building with science labs, and a library.

School List

Science Labs and Library Construction 2020-2021

Yedeshwar Vidhyamandir

Yedgaon, Junnar, Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Science Labs and Library Construction project aims to enhance the educational infrastructure of underprivileged schools by providing them with dedicated science laboratories and libraries.    Many of these schools lack proper facilities beyond basic classrooms, hindering students' educational development in various fields such as sciences, literature, and the arts. To address....

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